What is a Nuvue Mirror?


A three-way, tri folding Nuvue Mirror is the best alternative to the traditional flat plate vanity or wardrobe mirror. Nuvue improved on this well-known fixture by introducing a full-swing hinged three-way mirror that can change an ordinary vanity into an extraordinary addition to the decor of your home. This exquisite tri-fold mirror visually enlarges and lightens the room and provides functional advantages for your grooming needs. This mirror allows 360 degree viewing while its smooth, clean lines adds elegance and style to any bathroom or dressing area.


Flush mounted to the wall, Nuvue mirrors are constructed from 1/4 inch plate mirror, backed with vinyl for safety and cleanliness with chrome plated hinges. This mirror gives the custom-built look to any room and has been featured in award-winning homes during multiple Parade of Home Shows Only seeing these mirrors will allow you to experience the beauty as well as functionality of Nuvue mirrors. They are found only here on the web.

A Nuvue mirror is an ideal addition to any dressing area or girl's bedroom. There is no more need to share the bathroom while your teenage daughter does her hair and makeup! A Nuvue mirror can be flush mounted to any wall. To download a Nuvue brochure,
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You can add one or two optional recessed storage cabinet inserts behind the mirror wings if you are remodeling or doing new construction and have access to the space between the wall studs. Doing some pre-construction planning is best for this insert. The full-swing hinge capabilities are still maintained. The cabinet insert features an interior space of 14" x 30" x 3 3/4" with optional wood shelves available. See installation instructions for full details.

A corner cabinet is available if the interior wall space is inaccessible, and can be mounted in any wall corner. The mirror construction is then adjusted to correctly fit this angle. This cabinet is much easier to install and still adds beauty while providing a functional storage space for grooming or medical supplies. Corner cabinet orders must accompany original mirror order so proper mirror wing sizes are cut during mirror construction. See installation instructions for full detail.


A wardrobe mirror is the perfect addition to a master bedroom or dressing area. This full-length mirror rests flush against the wall until you desire to see your back-side. The side wings easily swing out allowing you to see a full 360 degree view. Having this large mirror creates an optical illusion giving the room a much larger appearances well as lighter because of light reflection.

here for more information on the wardrobe mirror.

Easy to install instructions and mirror clips are included. See installation and measuring instructions for full details.


Shown is the optional wall insert cabinet below. It requires cutting into the wall for placement, this will determine where the mirror can be placed. Also plumbing and electrical wire may be in the way. Unless you are doing major remodeling or new construction, the corner cabinet is the best choice.


The optional corner cabinet is shown on the left. It is easily installed and is surface mounted to the corner desired. The wing then becomes the door that opens to the cabinet as well as being used in the traditional manner. Must specify when ordering cabinet with mirror if it is a right or a left corner, so the mirror will match.