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Pencil Polished Chrome Trifold Vanity Mirror
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Standard SizesLeft WingCenterRight WingPrice
36" x 36"11.5"13"11.5"$189.95
48" x 36"15.5"17"15.5"$203.95
54" x 36"15.5"23"15.5"$217.95
60" x 36"15.5"29"15.5"$254.95

Beveled Edge Chrome Trifold Vanity Mirror

Standard Sizes Left Wing Center Right Wing Price
36" x 36" 11.5" 13" 11.5" $241.95
48" x 36" 15.5" 17" 15.5" $267.95
54” x 36" 15.5" 23” 15.5" $280.99
60" x 36" 15.5" 29" 15.5" $318.99

Cabinets and Wood Shelves for the Vanity Mirror

Recessed Cabinet Wood Cabinet: $55.00 each 14" x 30" x 3 3/4"
Glass Shelves - Recessed cabinet: $8.00 each 12 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 1/4"

Additional Hardware Options

The hardware is available in other options besides chrome. A soft rub bronze is available for an additional $35.00. Nickel is available for an additional $10.00. Note: These prices are for the trifold vanity mirrors, not the wardrobe mirror.

Tri-fold Wardrobe / Dressing Mirror

Standard Sizes Left Wing Center Right Wing Price
42" x 60" 13" 16" 13" $395.99
Beveled edges $485.99

Bronze is an additional $45 and nickel is $15

Shipping Information

Other than the sizes mentioned above in the shipping notice that have to be shipped in a wood crate, all mirrors are shipped in cardboard packaging with padding and wood bracing. Shipping is free to the continental United States.

Custom Work and Wardrobe Mirrors

Custom sizes are available, please e-mail desired sizes with your e-mail address and phone number. We will contact you with pricing information. Cut down sizes (smaller height or width) add $20.00 to standard size required for cut. Beveled edges on other sizes than in the stand sizes for beveled mirror is the above pricelist is $.45 per inch of outside perimeter.

Need a Custom Trifold Mirror or Wardrobe Mirror?

Are you wanting something custom? Give us a call at , and we'll do our best to help you! Our many years of experience allows us to build almost whatever it is that you're wanting!